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Why boxchange?

Our executive selection solutions combine both our true strengths – Leadership Development + Search

The result is a powerful tool that can deliver truly amazing talent for key senior hires

  • boxchange is a fully integrated search and learning business that helps raise the performance and capability of businesses through their people, behaviours, culture, leadership and processes. All our solutions work in harmony with each other and enables us to help executives solve most if not all of their most critical business challenges.
  • We are Search experts and have been delivering bespoke search and executive selection projects for over 20yrs.
  • We understand how executives work, how they think and what challenges they face daily. Our Authentic Leadership programmes help business leaders get the very best out of their teams by harnessing their true strengths, passion and capabilities.
  • Our executive selection solutions combine both our true strengths – Leadership Development + Search. The result is a powerful tool that can deliver truly amazing talent for key senior hires

Our Network

Our network consists of 100,000+ business leaders

boxchange has a substantial network that allows us to find and attract some of the best talent available in the UK and overseas. We have run search projects in the UK and throughout the GCC region for over 20yrs now and we have personal networks of over 50,000 executive level contacts across all major business sectors.

We also have access to our associates networks. All our key associates are highly experienced business leaders. They each have substantial networks and can approach suitably qualified people for many different assignments.
We have a client database of 50,000+ business leaders. They are all at Executive / Director level. We can activate this network to identity top talent for senior hires.

In total, we have access to 100,000+ business leaders to engage with.

Your Dedicated Search Consultant

One single point of contact, 100% focused on the project

  • We offer a personal touch to all executive selection assignments. There will always be one single point of contact for each assignment.
  • Clients and candidates will deal solely with one person to ensure there is a consistent and professional level of service provided throughout the process.
  • Your point of contact will be available 24/7 for the entirety of the project. We certainly don’t pass on the assignment to a freelance searcher or junior resourcing team.

Our Approach

Comprehensive approach delivered professionally

We conduct significant pre- search analysis and information gathering to include:

Essence of the Role

  • We will look to sit with the key decision maker to discuss the role in detail, what’s happened to bring this opportunity to market, identify the key objectives for the search and in-depth skills, experience, personality and behavioural profile required for the role.

Stakeholder Expectations

  • We will look to sit with other key stakeholders, including the reporting lines to identify further information and measure expectations.

Message to Market

  • We will work in partnership with key stakeholders in your business to develop an attractive message to take to market to attract the very best talent available. The message will be designed to promote you as an employer of choice in a competitive marketplace.

Competitor Analysis

  • We will activate our networks to gather information on the current salary ranges and benefits packages on offer in the market for similar roles.


  • We will engage with you to identify the exact requirements that will satisfy your current and future needs. Technical skils– experience, background, track record and qualifications. Soft skills – personality and behavioural profile.

We use Behavioural Profiling to:

  • Identify the exact behaviours and competencies you need for the role.
  • Identify the very best candidate based on the behaviours and competencies you need.
  • Create interview questions specific to the role and candidate.
  • Future proof the function to ensure skill sets match current and future need.

Our Candidate Vetting Process

5-stage behavioural vetting process to ensure you hire the very best in the shortest possible time

 Our 5-stage candidate vetting process is designed to select only the very best options for the role based in experience, skill set, competency profile, cultural fit, behavioural style and energy levels.

Telephone Interview

  • 45min call to discuss current situation, aspirations, availability, skills/experience
  • NDA sent to be signed
  • Candidate pack released

Video interview

  • 45min-1hr technical and behavioural competency interview

Behavioural and cognitive profiling

  • Analysis on how they will behave in all business conditions

Boxchange Consultant screening

  • 45min-1hr call with one of our consultants – This is an SME test to give us an expert opinion of the candidate

Pre-submission interview face-to-face

  • Candidate meeting to make sure we are 100% confident they are suitable and a match for your business now and in the future

Our Search

We active our huge network of senior executives


We activate our huge network to market map and attract people from both the active and passive markets. Everyone who is interested and has signed an NDA will receive:

Opportunity pack containing:

  • Full job description with benefits package
  • Company profile and background
  • Career and progression opportunities
  • Client expectations

Candidate Delivery

Professional candidate delivery process that gives you everything you need to make an informed decision

Each candidate delivered to you for consideration will have a candidate pack including:

  • CV
  • Coversheet covering all key information
  • Competency interview notes
  • boxchange consultant screening notes
  • Behavioural and cognitive results with analysis notes
  • Our personal thoughts on the candidate covering attitude, approach, cultural fit

Typical Timescales

Working hard to reduce your time to hire whilst ensuring you get the very best

We are search experts and will devote 100% of our time to finding the right candidates for each executive selection assignment. We work with clients to agree a timetable, but as an outline we would suggest:

Pre- search analysis and information gathering

  • Week 1

Candidate search and selection

  • Weeks 2-4

Shortlist submission

  • Week 5

Client interviewing

  • Week 5 onwards

Our Key Differentiators

We are more than just a Search company!

Fully integrated people transformation business

We are not just a search company. We are a fully integrated people transformation business which means we add value through;

  • Operational perspective – we know what great looks like.
  • Leadership training experts – we deliver Authentic Leadership and Culture Change programmes and our associates are specialists in identifying business leaders not just managers. We can find the right personality and cultural fit for you.

Proven senior appointments and executive search leader

boxchange will manage your brand and message to market in a highly professional manner to enhance your ability to attract and acquire the very best selection of candidates the market has to offer. Our honed search and selection skills will ensure that the process is seamless, professional and as fast as can be.

  • 20yrs search experience across the UK, Europe and GCC.
  • You will have a sole POC who will work exclusively on the project until complete.

The Financials

Competitive and simple pricing structure that delivers value and keeps you in control


Our size and flexibility allow us to propose competitive costs for executive selection projects. We like to offer something different to the standard “thirds model”.


Payment is always in 2 tranches – we don’t feel it’s fair to charge a client for just submitting a shortlist. We deliver results and ensure you get the right person for the job.


We always offer a fixed price on the search no matter what salary is offered. We are keen to build a partnership.


We realise there is a wide choice of potential providers to support our clients in their search and this ensures we never take anything for granted. We will only introduce our clients to the talent we feel is right for them, not the best of a bad bunch. We believe it’s the quality of candidates we introduce that counts, not the quantity!

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