Deep diving diagnostics to discover the root cause of performance challenges

boxchange provide a number of industry agnostic diagnostics that help organisations of all sizes & shapes identify deep routed issues that are affecting their business. Our diagnostics are run by experienced consultants with significant cultural & people change expertise. Our diagnostics allow us to design bespoke solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiencies & improve productivity whilst delivering measurable and meaningful results.

Culture DNA

Analysing how your corporate culture, values & behaviours run through all business functions and employees

Providing insight into who are your ambassadors and which employees are causing problems.

Employee Engagement

Analysing your levels of employee engagement

Employee engagement surveys are useful but rarely provide an accurate picture of the things that really matter. Our diagnostic provides expert insight into what turns your employees on and off, what individuals thinks is, or is not possible, in terms of the strategy and set objectives and, most importantly, what they really feel about the business, the people and the way they are managed.

Leadership Capability

Analysing your leaders’ ability to develop, coach & motivate their teams

Our diagnostic provides expert insight into where leaders are now, in relation to where they need to be. Establishing how the leadership style is viewed as well as assessing things like the quality and frequency of coaching, performance management techniques, technical skills, team-working, attitudes and mind-sets.

Attrition Risk Analysis

Analysing your risk of employee attrition

Our diagnostic provides the real reasons why you’re losing people and may be struggling to find, or attract the high calibre talent you want and need and sets out how you can reduce your staff turnover.

D&I Assessment

Analysing how diverse and inclusive you are as a buisness, function or team

Our suite of powerful D&I diagnostic tools can validate your existing, or determine your future, D&I strategies and policies by adopting a systematic approach to examining organisational culture, attitudes, mind-sets and behaviours. We help organisations determine what structures, systems and processes facilitate diversity and inclusion and which don’t.

Succession Planning Assessment

Analysing your current people structure

Our bespoke diagnostic interrogates your ability to grow your business through home-grown talent & how to remain operationally effective should you lose key individuals.

Organisational Capability

Analysing your organisations capability from top to bottom

This diagnostic tool gives you valuable insight into your ability to deliver key projects & organisation initiatives to deliver all their various targets, benefits & goals and what is needed to strengthen your capability to ensure success.

Strategic Alignment Assessment

Analysing your end-to-end cross functional organisational strategy

This diagnostic determines how closely you are following your organisational strategy, how and where you are deviating from it and what it will take to get you focussed and back on track.

Change Readiness/Capability

Analysing your current ability to react to change

This highly bespoke diagnostic process assesses your ability to deliver & cope with change that affects all aspects of your business model.

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