Delta Teams Service

Deploying high performing teams that deliver results

What is our Delta team service?

Our Delta Team Service is a small, core group of people with relevant skills and often prior experience of working together on major change projects.

Typical Delta teams will include a
broad skill set range including:

  • Project Leadership
  • Contract Negotiation Resources
  • Transition Management & Resources
  • Project Management Office Management (PMO)
  • Performance Management (Finance, Contract, KPI’s)
  • Skilled & focussed Technical Resources
  • Cyber Security
  • Heath & Wellness
  • Our Delta teams can be engaged to fit your exact needs whether that be for the entire period of your project or for specific deliverables.
  • Our Delta teams provide expertise that either doesn’t exist in your organisation today or is struggling to be resourced to the change project due to other business priorities.
  • We become the core of your project team, collaborating with key resources, transferring knowledge, and ensuring the best possible project team profile.

our experience + your knowledge = success

Our Delta Teams seek to solve your delivery worries!

  • What roles & responsibilities should be in place between the partners to the project?
  • What people/skills will make the project a success?
  • How do I get my best people on the project & keep the business running?
  • How do I bring specialist skills on board?
  • How long will it take to ramp-up the project teams knowledge and get them delivering?
  • What should my retained organisation look like?
  • Is my project methodology robust enough to deliver a successful project with this level of change?
  • How do I keep the business engaged and onboard?

What are the advantages of using our Delta teams?

  • Applies best practices from project & programme principles to the change project
  • Accelerates change project benefits realisation by driving focus to your
    core priorities of business case, integration and stabilisation
  • Reduces recruitment costs & timescales
  • Reduces overall project timescales
  • Reduces the “backfill” problem inherent in ensuring that best people are released & 100% dedicated to the change project
  • Minimises issues of how to re-integrate key resources after projects completes

How do our Delta teams reduce your project risk?

  • Acquires experienced resources, accelerating project team knowledge
  • Drives faster project team orientation
  • Acquires project methodologies and process to ensure a successful change
    project (if required)
  • Enables intelligent project control and communication (if required)
  • Drives collaboration across project partners (if required)

Delta Team Process

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