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Enhancing your internal ability to deliver change that sticks whilst always transferring knowledge

A High Performing Organisation Requires Great Change Delivery Capability!

We believe that an organisation’s presence and growth in today’s competitive environment, requires a company to have the capability to quickly identify and execute change successfully.

Constant and rapid change is now a core competence that can no longer be considered on a “needs basis”. We see more and more companies falling behind in the race to keep up due to what we call the ‘running change’ dilemma i.e. focus on running the business whilst needing also to make step changes to the business.

It is quite often said that 70% of change initiatives fail to achieve their desired objectives. But why?


Typical Change Failure Points

  • People skills & culture failures – disconnection or misunderstanding between stakeholders, lack of accountability, and behavioural/cultural issues across teams/departments. Inadequate leadership skills.
  • Scope & outcome definition failures – the scope of the change and the desired outcomes are not defined adequately.
  • Governance & decision-making failures – inadequate levels of ownership, decision making or commitment to the change.
  • Execution discipline failures – immature process, weak (or no) arrangements for issue, risk and stakeholder management and an inability to manage changes in project requirements.
  • Delivery partner (supplier) management failures – lack of understanding of vendors’ commercial imperatives, poor relationship management and inappropriate contractual agreements.

How to Avoid Failure – Our Principles

  • Real change requires purposeful leadership – Run vs Change.
  • Once and done – do it right first time.
  • Build your blueprint – plan the journey.
  • Move at pace but ensure there is absolute clarity of the destination.
  • The process is important but focus on the outcome.
  • Know your team/organisation’s delivery capability.
  • Create a capability and capacity for change within your organisation.
  • Create a culture of change and ownership within the business.
  • Always be prepared to challenge – are we doing the right things and doing them in the right way?

Our Tier™ Approach To Delivering Lasting Change Capability


Change capability & skills

It is important for any organisation to understand the change maturity and capability level that is optimal for it to maximise value for money from its investments


In the right things

Many companies continue to tussle with selecting the right programmes and projects in which to invest. “Just doing” adhoc projects or programmes that don’t underpin or align to


Doing things the right way

It is a well documented fact that most companies encounter issues (and failure) in the delivery of change. Although they may have selected the right project in which to invest


Benefits and lasting change

The only valid reason for investing in change is to generate benefits. Benefits may be of value to the organisation making the investment, its staff, its customers

The Benefits of Assessing and Measuring Capability:

  • Health check of strengths and weaknesses
  • Informs level of capability required for your business
  • Provides baseline to measure improvement against
  • Recognises achievements from investment
  • Justifies investment in change infrastructure
  • Provides a roadmap for continual improvement

The Benefits of Improving

  • Higher rate of return on investment
  • Greater production efficiency
  • Lower production costs
  • Better quality outcomes
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced employee morale

Using our innovative TIER™ approach and proven maturity and capability diagnostic tools, we can quickly assess your current change capabilities, identify where you want to be in the future and help you implement the necessary improvements in an efficient, effective and structured way, with measurable results.


We can help you uplift your organisation’s change capability!

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